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Originally Posted by yideboit View Post
I mean .. He did bring it out .. But was blatant clock draining going on particularly in 3rd with circle backs and taking puck from o-zone behind own net once! Pretty bad sportsmanship in a league like this is all!
Wow, I really am in awe that this is being said.

In game 1 I was up 2-0 with a minute left and cycled in your offensive zone trying to set up a shot. You ended up taking a penalty and I decided to just run the clock out by continuing to cycle in the zone (aka. you had ample opportunity to clog a passing lane and/or board play a guy, but you didn't/couldn't) in this instance for an attempt at sportsmanship (not trying to score a 3rd goal in a 2-0 game with 1 minute left and a delayed penalty).

In game 2 I really don't know what you're talking about. You ended up scoring a goal to make it 2-1 pretty late in the 3rd because I made a bone head breakout pass trying to score goal 3. There was one instance of me cycling back behind my net, but it was when you were fore-checking heavily (and CERTAINLY not all the way back from the offensive zone as you accuse) and I was trying to protect the puck and open up the breakout pass. You may recall that it took approximately 10 seconds from the time I was behind my net to the time I was in your zone, no? Also, I'm not sure if you're referring to this, but you can ask Detroit/Dallas how I play my blueline entrances when I am down - here is a hint, I played them the exact same way as when I was up against you.

As for Rinne stealing games for me... nice sour grapes. I had considerably better scoring opportunities than you and was cycling the puck in your offensive zone at will. Had I not choked by getting surprised by you switching to the goalie on a few breakaways both games would have been routs.

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