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10-19-2012, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
OH WOW!!!!

On Thursday, he walked into a significant meeting with several NHL owners 90 minutes late, plopped down two single sheets of paper, each with a different skeleton proposal to the owners that didn’t include any ideas on systemic issues, then verbally delivered a third proposal with no accompanying paperwork. For all three proposals, he acknowledged to the owners he hadn’t actually “run the numbers.”
This from the leader of a union in a $3 billion business.
It looks like the players, via Fehr, aren't negotiating in good faith. Zach Parise wants to cry about rollback on his contract (even after a 10 mil signing bonus) yet Fehr shows up with the equivalent of 'the dog ate it' while we're talking about billions at stake.

Originally Posted by RemoAZ View Post
What % do the players get if they miss the whole season?
Nothing. They don't get paid. Services not rendered. Too bad their mortgages, car payments and whatnot don't have lockouts as well. I know we like to think of them as multi-millionaires, but the vast majority are not making 5 mil+ a year like someone pointed out on the main board. At this point, the players are fretting over a clause that reduces existing contracts. It only really affects a small percentage of the high paid guys.

And, I'm sorry, but what the **** do guys like Stajan, Ference etc... know about billion dollar businesses? The answer is very little. It's pretty telling that 30 owners, each with their own market conditions, concerns and desires, can pool together relatively quickly to establish an offer. It takes the players all summer to kick the can a few inches. Most teams are mere toys to their owners. They got to where they are because they've made a fortune somehow. Odds are, they know how to grow the business better than the players. I could see the 43% offer as an attempt to railroad the players. That's a pretty big cut from what they were getting before (which was insane, if you look at the numbers). But you add a few expansion teams, continue the growth and suddenly 43% of 50%+ greater revenues looks awfully nice. The owners need to *grow* the NHL. It's not a fully saturated sport like the NFL where percentage points actually mean something.

At this point, the players are just in the way. The irony is that if they had just stopped for a moment and realized that growth helps them too, the game would be so much better off. We wouldn't be talking about a lost season, potentially another and the dark ages of hockey. These morons would be making several fold more, with more job security. Right now, they are getting paid NOTHING and risking it all for the sake of a 3-4% 'raise' from what the owners tabled, which was actually a pretty fair deal.

Imagine a world where the owners got everything they wanted, instantly, without the last lockout. Odds are revenue is higher, everyone is happy and this negotiation goes well enough to avoid a stoppage. But because the players got bent over (after playing chicken with their own money) they feel the need to 'hold the line' this go-round.

What a joke.

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