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10-19-2012, 08:50 PM
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Just in case any of you pencil neck geeks want to challenge me for MY TITLE, that match will not take place in a normal ring, nor a steel cage, nor a Hell In A Cell nor an Elimination Chamber. No, it will be defended in...a hockey rink ring. No ropes, just see-through boards. If you run the ropes like KellykellyKelly, you should be more comfortable. Which you won't be when you encounter my finisher, The Juicy Rebound or previously The Ruutu Elbow (bounce of the ropes or cornerpole into a flying elbow) but since this is PG times we're living in... Oh yeah, here's my entrance song:

And by the way, this Canadian title smells far too much of moose piss...JUST LIKE CANADA ITSELF!

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