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10-19-2012, 08:51 PM
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*CS is seen backstage, holding a cell phone next to his ear.*

CS: "I know, I know. Well what was I supposed to do, smile and say thank you?"

*Backstage reporter comes into the room, holding a microphone.*

Reporter: "Crimson, can I get a wo..."

CS: "Hang on... Yeah I gotta go. Okay, I'll give it some thought. Love you too."

Reporter: "I'm sorry to intrude..."

CS: "Yeah that was my wife. What do you want?"

Reporter: "I was just wondering if I could get some thoughts on rumors circulating lately that you and SheamusFan actually have some sort of alliance, seeing as how he named you the HFWF Champion before any matches took place."

CS: "Let me tell you something. When someone as talented as me, the best in the ring, the best talker, the best everything walks into a company like this, an owner has no choice but to recognize greatness. I was called into the office and told that I was the HFWF Champion but my first title defense wouldn't be easy. Sure enough, an egotistical jerk has to be running things around here and now my one-on-one match has turned into a fatal four way where I could lose the title without being the one to get pinned. That sound like an alliance to you?"

Reporter: "I... I guess not."

CS: "That's what I thought. Now leave before you lose more than just your job."

*The reporter's eyes widen as he quickly backs away and leaves the room. CS shakes his head while look at the doorway.*

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