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10-19-2012, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
I tried bringing this up in th top 20 votin but people typically don't like my pessimistic view of prospects since it's more fun to think they're all awesome. But in reality, of our top defensive prospects (Despres, Morrow, Harrington, Dumoulin, Pouliot and Maatta...and you could include Strait and Bortuzzo I guess) how many of them will develop into regular NHLers?
But...wouldn't that be a good reason to hang onto defensive prospect depth to see who pans out, especially since our big league blueline just played arguably the worst playoff defense in NHL history?

But I love when people put together or future pairings like this...


...and get all psyched at how rock solid our defense will be in the future assuming all these guys are going to pan out.
Yeah, that's a bit pollyanna-ish. They're almost certainly not all going to be NHLers, let alone for Pittsburgh.

Based on what I've learned by following prospects, probably 3 of them an my money is on Morrow, Despres and Maatta. That's just my opinion though, it's obviously still very much in the air.
I think that's as pessimistic as the other prediction is optimistic.

If only 3 become NHL regulars out of a group that includes 3 players already on the cusp of regular NHL duty, 3 more recent 1st rounders, and guys with the personal and team success of Harrington and Dumoulin, then something will have gone horribly wrong. Like, Homer At The Bat wrong.

For the record, I'd bet good money that Harrington becomes an NHL regular. He's arguably the best U-20 defensive defenseman and PKer in the world - I love his style too.

So I started thinking, why the crap are the Pens loading up on defense? I always figured it was just BPA run amuck but Shero comes from the David Poile school of defensemen hoarding and GMs typically stick with that they know or have been taught. So while I don't think Shero's blatantly picking defensemen over forwards an ignoring his scouts advice, I think under his regime scouts are being groomed to value defensemen more than forwards. Perhaps it's the success rate he had in Nashville developing defensemen or his success rate in dealing defensemen with the Pens but he's artificially raised the value that defensemen have in the eyes of the organization. I'm not going to debate the validity of the strategy since it's been working so far and with having two generational talents on offense he has some room to be more creative when it comes to asset management.

My long winded point is, once GMs hit a home run at the draft, they spend the rest of their careers trying to recreate it using the same formula. Like once I got on a hot streak at the casino playing craps and I thought I had it all figured out because I won a bunch of money 5 days in a row. I promptly lost money the following 5 days using the same stupid system and that's because it's literally a crap shoot...just like the draft.
I tend to agree about Shero. The defense bias is pretty obvious and likely a product of his time with Poile...but like you say, most of those selections look good so far, so it's hard to argue with the results.

I just hope we didn't pass on a gamebreaking offensive talent on what may be our only top 10 pick of the Crosby era because of it.

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