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10-19-2012, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by IanMoranFanclub View Post
So first and foremost, almost all of the contracts that will be in effect for the upcoming (hopefully) season were signed under the old CBA. There's too much money already committed to bring this coming season anywhere near 50% without either deferring payments or cutting the value of the contracts. Second, your idea, with some adjustments, would be an excellent way for the owners to try to fracture the PA by creating 2 different classes of player: those with long-term contracts vs. upcoming free agents whose contract values will be depressed so pre-existing long-term contracts can be paid in full.
Of course most contracts for this season will be in effect from under the old CBA. That is why this year is so important for the players.

As for a split in the union, there is already a number of tiers already. No union will ever get a deal that makes all of it's members happy. However, there will be more players who stand to gain substantially from this type of deal, than those who will not.

It's a moot point anyway because the NHL has zero intention of fully honoring existing contacts.

Which is why as everyone and their mother knows, a sliding scale is the fair answer for both sides: 54, 52, 51, 50, 50, 50

The problem, however, is if you read the Bill Daly quote, you'll see that this is nothing like what the PA proposed. Apparently, they offered to take well over 50% but to change the accounting terminology or the definition of HRR or something like that so they can say it's 50/50 in complete disregard for reality. In case we're still trying to keep track; Fehr's characterization of this proposal as giving the owners 50/50 immediately is a lie. [/FONT]
Oh, you mean how Fehr is ****ing around with Bettman and the league? Ya, pretty funny ****.

When an obsessively detailed man drops half ass offers on your table, then says he didn't bother to check the calculations, it creates confusion, anger, a sense of unpredictability, and most of all fear.

Hopefully he doesn't push too far, but since this is Fehr, no one knows what he truly is up to.

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