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10-19-2012, 10:05 PM
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- Yeah, I'll just assume this was a toned down version of their game plan? This is my first game viewing of them this year (thank you for the stream hairy, by the way), so I'll just guess they don't always look this brutal and passive but they have 4 games in six nights and three in a row so they have to whatever...

- That breakout is really iffy. I know they won't play a team like Wilkes-Barre very often, but they have a two-man forecheck, I wonder what the book says to do gut feeling is "ice it" based on what Dillon and Benn do with it...

- I tried to take a second look at this D seems to put a lot of pressure on the wingers to skate back and be responsible (good from a developmental standpoint given the amount of young wingers you guys have) but it's not going to generate a lot of great results, especially early. You're relying a lot on rookie wingers to become real big parts of the game defensively at times, really deep in the zone...the backdoor and middle of the ice are often left wide open as a result. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, or misinterpreting something (it wasn't my main focus, the players were, so this is just a passing glance) but this is going to be a tough adjustment for's very passive, and I'm not sure that fits...

- Matt Hackett is going to be a terrific goaltender at the NHL level really soon. Nihlstorp is not.

- I'm still a little unclear how this team plans on scoring. Not so much because of the talent they have or don't have, but just how does it get generated? I'm not sure there's enough organic creation from the center ice position to allow for anything too fancy...but the manufacturing plant doesn't seem to be in full force. I'm not sure if it's players or coaching, but a lot of offensive plays die when players isolate themselves on the rink...hopefully that's something Desjardins corrects and gives his guys more options. If you're going to go back, sit behind the net and set up, you might as well come at them with numbers...but they do the opposite, somehow. Which makes me wonder where the other guys are going on the breakout...every time I went to figure it out though, the camera man was focused on an ad along the boards or that weird gnome thing in the stands (perhaps he was looking for his fox, Swift?)

- If I didn't know any better, I'd really get a weird vibe from Texas after watching this game...was that lovechild of Yosemite Sam and Daniel Boone that dropped the puck to open the game something I should know about? Is that the Sam Hill from "What the Sam Hill are you talking about?" ...does anyone actually say that? There were a couple instances of crowd shots that really made me wonder if I was doing something wrong by not dressing like that to go to a hockey game...I doubt that was a fair representation of the state though...

- I liked what Cody Eakin does out there. He gets a lot of responsbility and doesn't look out of place with it. He's in charge of being an offensive catalyst for this team - which is a tiny bit over his head, I'd think, but he does decent enough with it. He's not really a playmaker by trade I don't believe, more of a goal-scorer which makes it a tougher fit. That top line with Vincour and R.Smith looked pretty good. I liked Vincour, subtlely effective...if you're really paying attention, he shows that he's more or less above this level but because he doesn't have a lot of flash and dash, he kind of blends in a little. This is good for him though, get him some offensive confidence before heading back to Dallas for good...he seems to have a habit of missing some quality chances...

- Dillon left me wanting a lot more tonight, though I'm aware of his overall capabilities. I thought Nemeth was decent minus the falling down that led directly to a goal thing...Oleksiak threw one hit I think, it's a shame he doesn't plant a couple of these guys but it's not his style and he's still a youngster. Sometimes I think you could light his pants on fire though and he'd just shrug...passing it up the middle of your defensive zone like that, blick.

- If you're going to go kind of high risk and put a lot of responsibility on these young players and what not...why not get Glennie in there so that Petersen can be a bottom-six forward on this team? You need centers that can generate offensive sparks...Petersen doesn't really offer that and this is a lot of weight for him to carry, too much...let him be a role player, don't let him get in the way of's not like he's so good that he's the driving force behind the team anyhow...Cam Barker should get his resume together and post it on

- I'd like to see these guys again real soon because this can't have been what they've looked like...

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