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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Your words, not mine. But justify away.

If there is one man who could keep them together long enough to remove the cap, it is Fehr.

Nothing is out of the realm of possibility with him.

So basically, with a cap it is ok to mismanage finances? Sound reasoning there.

You may want to check out Leipold's statements from Feb when he cried poor. So either he was lying, or signed those contracts knowing full well he wouldn't have to pay the full amounts. Given his history in the past, I would say it is both A and B.

So basically you once again said it is ok to **** the players over because they make millions.

You have a high percentage of players who took hometown discounts to stay with their clubs and help the team with the cap. Look no further than the Pens with guys like Crosby, Malkin, Orpik, Neal, etc.

You telling me it is ethical to screw the other players over is total BS, let alone stand up guys who left money on the table.

How many times do I have to say this? The players said they will go to 50/50 if the owners honor their contracts.

The owners don't want any money out of their pockets to honor the current contracts they signed. Again, it isn't ethical, no matter how you try to spin and justify it.

It's only complicated because the owners don't want to pay for their mistakes.

Split system to handle existing contracts and new ones going fwd. or use a sliding scale to reach 50/50.
No player is being screwed over, cut the rhetoric and maybe the discussion can actually advance some more. Regardless of what CBA is signed, and they will only sign one if the players agree to it, the players will still be making an average salary of well over a million, probably still over $2 million.

As far as 'misfinancing' goes, as a Penguins fan, I would think you should be all too aware of the conundrum middle and smaller markets find themselves in. Either take a chance and go after the big names hoping that icing a good team will bring about more fans and revenue or act as a farm team to bigger clubs and lose revenue and fans. Neither is attractive, the salary cap was brought out to try to fix this issue but GMs found a way around it for the most part (forcing not only rich but also poor teams to participate in such behavior if they wanted to improve their team.

And I really don't care what Leipold said. My take on this isn't based on the actions of 1 or 2 owners or even 30. I simply care what will be better for the league, and the current 57/43 split is not it and 50/50 is the most obvious endpoint. There will probably have to be some compromise on how to get to that end point. But the split system as proposed by the NHLPA is not going to work, as that doesn't bring it towards a 50/50 split until nearly the very end of the agreement (if at all). Players knew what was coming when they were out there negotiating these deals, yet they didn't even start talking to the league about a new CBA until August.

And you keep on saying the players will go to 50/50 if the owners no our existing contracts, but fail to realize that it's not actually 50/50 in any of the NHLPA proposals apart from possibly the last 1 or 2 years, with the first 2 pro sale delinking revenues and guaranteeing themselves nice raises.

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