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Originally Posted by DMR View Post
That's it right there. He knew damn well he was throwing out deals he had no intention of honoring. I wonder what Parise and Weber are saying to eachother behind closed doors right now about their new boss.

The whole "he was negotiating within the old CBA" argument is so weak. Like he didn't know that CBA was about to expire and that there was a new CBA in mind that would have significant differences. Like he hadn't been thoroughly briefed by Bettman every step of the way. It's widely known Bettman prepared for the last lockout years in advance, and no doubt the same is true of this one. The owners all knew what kind of changes they and Bettman wanted, and they knew how far Bettman was willing to go to get there. He'd only done it twice before and had more games lost to work stoppage under his watch than any other sports league.

Gary has all the gullible sheep out there eating right out of his hand. This piece over at The Hockey Writers sums it up perfectly:
Yes, he knew the old CBA was about to expire. I'm not sure how that changes the point. It hadn't expired yet; he wanted to make his team better, if he didn't sign the players to that deal, some other team would have. It's that simple. He did what he had to do at the time to improve his team in the market that was in place at the time. He couldn't have waited until the new CBA to sign them; they would have been scooped up by another team.

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