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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
So you remove Giroux from the team because he and Crosby have issues? Ridiculous; he's one of our best 3 forwards. Worse case is you put them on different lines and PP units - no big deal. And where's Tavares? He'll be a top-6 forward for us without question. Lucic? He'd be terrible on the larger ice surface. Thornton and Heatley simply aren't / won't be good enough in 2014 to play in the Olympics, and we have several better options available.

As far as Phaneuf goes, don't be so sure that we're against him making Team Canada because "he plays in Toronto". He's simply not a very good defenceman, at least in terms of the Olympic context. The tools are there, but the decision-making is very weak. Again, we have several much better options.
Calm yourself... I messed up, i have Giroux in my 5 other posts. I messed up, easy to do since he was not on the 2010 roster and they have sooo many stars.

I never said because he plays in Toronto he wont make the team, i said I think because hes in the Toronto he gets the most scrutiny. You say hes not a very good d-men, but thats simply not true. There is a reason why he was one of the d-men in Canada camp for 2010 and why he is on the roster for the WC. He had a crazy rookie year and a lot of people were for him, since he focused more defensively and his stats went down and now people are against him. He was so close top making the Canada 2010 team that if Scott Niedermeyer retired one year earlier you probably would have had Phanuef. If one more injury occurred, he was on it.

Thornton and Heatley will not be easy to jus get rid of. They embody what I believe is the classic Canadian style and physique. The game they had against Germany shows this perfectly, a complete 3 giant men in red cycling the offensive zone like its a pond game. Maybe Thornton will lose his spot, he only had 2 points in 7 games, he still played well but I dont think it will be easy... His experience and size alone is huge for a team like Canada, but it is international size. I watched some of 2 Canada games plus the entire finals and Heatly was less noticable but he had 7 points in 7 games. I think he can still be of great use and he will be on the team.

So were replacing Morrow, Marlaeu, Thornton, Iginla with Stamkos, Giroux, Benn and I think maybe Staal. If there is another replacement then I can see Skinner but for now I do not.

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