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10-20-2012, 12:30 AM
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So I'll ask this. At what point was it immediately evident that Joseph was looking uncomfortable tonight. I would say before the kickoff when they panned in on him this wasn't going to be a confident game. He was looking worried before the game started.

I would imagine Joseph for some reason psyched himself out in this one. Trying to do much forcing the ball down the field instead of establishing a ground game. We had to grind it out against the Leos and didn't. We even had a recipe for beating BC earlier in the season.

This was back to stupid schemes and playcalling, virtually no stunts, no play action, no fakes. BC could tell all night exactly what we were going to do.

Disappointing game from Marcus Henry, Carter and Coehoorn were invisible, Stamps wasn't getting open much.

Koch with the one bright spot and has hands but really the guy didn't get open much on the night and even on that play he wasn't open.

Joseph was horrible but there wasn't a lot of targets tonight. BC was cheating for the pressure, covering man on man, and we had nothing going downfield.

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