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10-20-2012, 12:53 AM
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EA has got to step up NHL 14 regarding playoffs. The NHL playoffs is the most exciting in all of sports but you wouldn't know it in NHL 13:

-Personalized team entrances
-We gotta see the playoff traditions of each team ie. Rats in Florida, Octopus in Detroit, Catfish in Nashville, Whiteout in Phoenix, Green Men in Vancouver
-There should be more emotion from the players when they score an OT goal.
-Announcers should be cognizant of the score of the series
-Conn Smythe shouldn't always go to the goalie

-A world junior tournament mode (you don't have to get an IIHF licence, you can just call the tournament something else)
-NCAA would be awesome
-USHL would be awesome
-In GM Mode there should be NHL ready players coming out of every draft, rather than having to wait 3 years for every prospect.
-Trading is revolved too much around the trade block
-All-Star skills competition
-The presentation needs to be completely revamped
-Second team of commentators
-The race for the playoffs in the last couple weeks is a big part of hockey. Try to incorporate it into the game
-The goalies mostly save shots that they shouldn't be able to save, and don't save shots that they should save. Goalies need a lot of work.
-Try to use FIFA's system of newspaper headlines and articles in GM Mode. FIFA does a wonderful job of making the media come to life.
-More songs on the soundtrack

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