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10-20-2012, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
I didn't say any of that last paragraph I've already said they'll likely have to work some way of lessoning the blow, opposed to a straight rollback. The league tried with their 'make whole' provision, but from my understanding, that will work to actually take the players share below 50% in years 3 and a few beyond, so yes, I see why the NHLPA isn't jumping at that one. However, it's BS to call it 50/50 immediately. There may be a mechanism there to eventually get it to 50/50 (though it's up in the air whether or not that would even happen in the short 5 year lifespan of the deal) but it's certainly not a 50/50 split immediately. It's a 56/44 split, at best immediately. That's why it's b.s. There's absolutely no gaurantee it ever gets to 50/50, labelling it as a 50/50 split immediately is BS, and even if it does get to actual 50/50, it would likely only be for the final year of the CBA.
If you go back to my original argument, you will see that I said Bettman is a chronic liar, so I'm not worried about anything that comes out of his mouth. I use good old fashioned common sense and it is obvious they can't fit in an 82 game schedule after early Nov, so I know this week is ultra important.

Other BS he has said is obvious lies and I just roll my eyes. Fehr as some people think, is the anticrist. Fine, doesn't really matter to me. My whole point all along is that both sides are posturing.

You had a PA leader with integrity in Goodenow, but that didn't stop Uncle Gary from lying through his teeth eight years ago and locking the players out then and ten years prior. So I'm not sure why Fehr being the antichrist makes any difference here. Especially when the players are simply asking for what is right.

However, there is a deal to be made there, which is why I'm optimistic.

And that's the other thing that bugs me about the players proposals. You keep hearing NHL players whine about "if we give in now, what's to stop the NHL from doing this next time"?...Well, if you're concerned about that, why the hell do you keep making such short CBA terms compared to the owners. It's the owners trying to propose the longer deals.
Five years vs six years? Not sure how one year makes a bigger difference.

Besides, those three offer were done to create fear and confusion with the owners. A meticulous man like Fehr doesn't "forget to check" his numbers. Please. He came right out and said they aren't interested in talking about UFA, ELC, etc from their Tusday proposal. Why? It means he isn't taking their offer seriously. That creates frustration and anger... Shows he has no sense of urgency to get a deal done before Oct 26th.

None of us know what his intentions are, that is worriesome to both the league and fans. So the longer Fehr keeps doing this, the more likely he is to get the league to bend more at the eleventh hour.

Or maybe he doesn't care about that date (which seems foolish given that the current cancelled schedule adds up to more losses than the rollbacks).

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