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10-20-2012, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
Was playing a beer league game a few weeks ago and the goalie on the other team up and QUIT after being down 4-0. He actually took his water bottle and left the ice... Apparently he was pissed that my team had brought in 2 "ringers" (who only scored 1 of the goals). In reality, these "ringers" only play one division up from us and are nowhere near the best players in that division. To add to it, my team has 3 over 60 year olds playing for it with one guy (my grand father) being 80. We were arguing with the other team when this happened and I was trying to tell them like we have 10 guys and 3 of them are old as crap and you're *****ing about us bringing in some 20 year olds who can actually skate? This is in the C2 division and the 2 kids we got to help us out play in the C (which really isn't that much different... just a tad faster and better goalies). The other team has 1 A division guy to "anchor their team" as they put it.

To make this situation even more ridiculous, the lame ass goalie who left the game normally PLAYS in the B division (he skates out for the C2 team, but they didn't have their regular goalie that night).

It was just a bunch of nonsense and it really pissed me off because I wasn't even going to show up for the game as I was sick and coming home from the city that night, but I decided to suck it up and I showed up for the beginning of the second. I show up and this sorry excuse for a hockey player lets everyone down by leaving. He doesn't even consult his team's bench before doing so. Grr I was so pissed that night.
LOL - that's ridiculous.

I have lots of stories about people playing down and all that stuff. Usually it doesn't make much of a difference, though you usually see a team that completely sucks turn into a team you have to actually play against. Of course, if you shut down the one guy the team remains a non-threat.

I remember once our team had 2 games at 2 rinks scheduled for pretty much one right after the next. The best part is our goalie for Game 1 was the goalie against the team we were going to play in Game 2. So he left our 3rd period with about 7 minutes left and we skated up a man the rest of the time. I believe we let up 0 and scored 2-3 more and won that game despite it all.

So fast forward to the beginning of the 2nd game: we show up and the score is 7-7. Apparently they played nearly half the 1st period without ANY goalies and just kept racking up goals. The goalie mentioned above showed up in slow manner so he didn't even really help much. Not sure how he pulled that off. And OUR goalie for the 2nd game, freakin' guy was dressing while we showed up late as hell already. Again, no clue what his problem was.

All in all, we ended up basically playing 2 periods + 2 minutes of the 1st, tied from 7-7. I think the score ended up being 15-12 or something crazy like that. The entire scenario surrounding that whole day was so ridiculous, but so hilarious

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