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10-20-2012, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Til the End of Time View Post
once again, many of us dont particularly care who is right vs. wrong.

who cares about the players? why do we care who is right or wrong? save your pity party for something that actually matters-- there's more than enough sad stories in the media pertaining to people who are actually enduring real suffering due to the economic climate. the "put yourself in the players shoes" argument is worthless. millions of people in america and canada have had to take significant pay cuts in order to stay employed, with much less disposable income. nhl players and owners will get no pity from me.

i'm more concerned about what benefits the penguins.
Guess what, the players don't care about your pity. Get that through your head.

Just because you prefer to ignore a situation, doesn't mean the problems will go away. Are you really that naive?

World hunger and the economic climate have nothing to do with this dispute. Do you think players see a homeless person and think "man I make too much". They know the money they are losing is going into billionaire's pockets, not to help the less fortunate. If you don't get that, the players don't care.

I've explained ad nauseum why the players are pissed and rightfully so. My opinion that they are getting screwed doesn't matter to the owners, but the fact the players think they are getting screwed DOES matter.

So if you think because you "don't care" and "they make too much" the players will suddenly decide its cool to let the owners cut their share with no concessions, pass the herb.

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