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10-20-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
I realize that... I was answering to the poster re: anger over a Canadian player being released and a Swedish player not being released... my point was no country is as impacted by the NHL not releasing players more than Canada. I think all players should be released (but with exceptions).... but I'd like to see a country go ballistic when they have 7-9 junior age players playing in the NHL and not released... like we do every year...then I'll feel some sympathy for you... but 1 or 2 players..come on, hardly worth the aggravation.

Again... I believe all players should be released if their respective federations come calling. but with certain exceptions. Players like Crosby at 18 playing first line 23 minutes per game scoring 1.5 pts per game... there's no point in Pittsburg releasing him at 18... I get that...but all other players.... let em play.
That wasn't the point. The point was two Canadian NHL clubs having one star prospect each, one being Canadian, one being Swedish. Highly hypothetical scenario at this point, but it could get messy. We're also talking AHL players, not NHL players. NHL players stopped to go I totally buy and always have.

Sweden won without A.Larsson and Landeskog last year, there were no complaints about them not going. We'll cope with whatever happens this year, too.

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