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10-20-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Rutkowski View Post
There was a time when the owners got everything they wanted. It was back before the 50's and the NHLPA; a time when players got punished for organizing and when a team owned a player's contract rights until they retired or were traded. It was a time when the All-Star games were held to support a recently retired player because the players earned so little that they had to get summer jobs and even then couldn't support themselves into retirement.

The owners isn't some huge benelovent force and this naivete regarding them that surrounds this forum is kind of telling of something...

You are correct, years ago the pendulum was definitely swinging in the favor of ownership, but the NHLPA seems to think they have some right to have it swing in theirs. A swing in the middle would seem fair, until one takes an intelligent look at just who are the financial risk takers in all of this.

Unions etc. should be there to make sure there is not the kind of injustice that you've pointed out, not to dictate how ownership should do business.

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