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10-20-2012, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by tigermask48 View Post
Go back and read the articles Ollie posted a page back. Kelly was fired in some part because he had a fairly strong working relationship with the NHL people. Fehr Dragged his feet when he took over and is still showing up to meetings unprepared (allegedly.) If Paul Kelly was still in charge of the NHLPA we absolutely would not be having this discussion and would be enjoying NHL hockey. He had all the right contacts in all the right places and likely had good enough standing with people that he could have negotiated a faird deal. But in the case of Fehr, and Bettman there is so much dislike between the two of them that neither will give an inch an has to be viewed as the clear cut winner. Basically this is what happens when ego gets involved and that would not have been the case with one of those two out of the picture.
Yeah, Bettman's dislike of Fehr was made obvious in is statement regarding the the NHLPA's latest offers when he was making it out like the off was juvinile and unintelligent. He said that is took him about 2 minutes to understand the language of their offer. These offers usually need to be poured over for many hours to understand the language and intention. Bettman was purposely throwing a jab at Fehr.

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