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10-20-2012, 10:59 AM
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Hypothetical players contract - how much does a player really net?

There are a lot of smart and really well informed people on this forum so I'd like to start a discussion about what a high (+$4M/season), middle ($1 - 4M) and low (league minimum) contract really nets a player after all his costs, fees, insurance, union dues, agent cost, publicist cost, the adjustment for the CBA revenue, etc. are included.

Let's include taxes, FICA, Medicare, Health Ins and stuff like that too since I believe they are subject to the same rules as the rest if us.

And let's not forget to add in their portion of the escrow.

Or to make it easier, let's just pick one Sabre. Maybe, Ryan Miller....... He was supposedly paid $6,250,000 per season in 2011-12. I guess that's his gross. But what's he really net from that?

In other words, what's his take home pay?

And is he paid monthly? Per game a la NFL or is it escrowed? I dunno?

I'd sure like to put their compensation in terms of something meaningful to me who it took a couple of decades to gain a modest income.

If this type of info or discussion is recorded somewhere else on this board, let me know what thread or site to look for/at. Thanks.

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