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10-20-2012, 11:29 AM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Proposal 3: 50% split is an immediate 13% reduction. 13% of salaries is exempt of escrow. This part is guaranteed. The remaining 87% is subject to the 50% calculation of revenues.

Creative and fair. Players ask for 13% in escrow exempt salary.

So who is unreasonable and unwilling to compromise again?
Hahahaha. Are you kidding?!? 13% in escrow exempt salary translates into "all current contracts can exceed the cap by 13%." This effectively gooses the cap by 13% of each current contract. Not a single dollar gets deferred and the rev split doesn't actually reach 50/50 until Shea Weber's contract expires. So, to sum up, the split under proposal 3 would (again) start at 57/43 and gradually decline year by year until it eventually settles down at 50/50... in 2026.

The solution is either a fixed 54, 52, 51, 50, 50, 50 (or something along those lines) OR a make-whole that defers salary on current deals in excess of the cap, but doesn't eliminate any dollars and doesn't count against the cap, up to a fixed threshold in each year (e.g. 3% over the cap until such time as all the players' contracts fit under it).

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