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10-20-2012, 12:04 PM
Avoiding the Cap
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Originally Posted by Rutkowski View Post

The owners isn't some huge benelovent force and this naivete regarding them that surrounds this forum is kind of telling of something...
Newsflash; pro sports have changed slightly in the past 60 years. Pointing to a time when being in the NHL wasn't a full time profession doesn't hold much water when modern day players are arguing over 3-4% of $3+ billion. The notion that the owners would somehow be able to destroy the union so thoroughly that guys would be willing to play for peanuts is laughable.

The owners may not be benevolent, but they absolutely need revenues to grow. It puts money in their pockets and helps franchise values rise across the board. That's the name of the game. It just so happens that growing the game, in all aspects, greatly benefits the players too. What a shocker. Threatening another lost season over 3-4% does not. It's absolutely stupid.

The NHL pays players what the market will bare. It's not worth it to fret over 5% or so. Not when revenues can grow by double that in a very short period. Things like UFA age, max contract length and arbitration rights are far and away more important. Those little details happen to be the most flexible as well as having the biggest impact on the lives of players. If the players were smart, they'd take the 50/50 offer or even cough up more in exchange for everything else they want.

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