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10-20-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by FissionFire View Post
One thing to keep in mind about the AHL kids this year is that the Griffins are basically the same type of team as always - a bunch of kids that need a year or more of playing to get NHL-ready. By contrast, almost all the other AHL teams are stacked with players who are already in the NHL, to go along with rookies who are on par with a Brendan Smith or better like a Justin Schulz. Heck, at least one team has an NHL All-Star on the roster. I mean look how ridiculous the OKC roster is - Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Justin Schulz, RNH. You've got a stacked Albany team. A stacked Binghamton team. Toronto, Adirondack, and Portland are all looking pretty strong. Just a few names who would undoubtedly be in the NHL right now sans lockout, or are pretty elite prospects.....

You get the point I'm too tired to give a really detailed list, but those just just a few of the bigger names. We're playing rookies in our top 4 defense pairs in GR against elite NHL caliber talent and in some cases even established stars. Can't expect too much from this team other than keeping themselves from getting run over every night. It'll be an excellent learning experience for the kid to play against this caliber of competition, but it's going to be a long, painful, and likely dismal season too.
One could easily make an argument that the Griffins roster is actually worse this season. And this just further proves why the goaltending situation stinks so much. On top of playing the role as underdogs most nights you also have a disadvantage in net. Yeah they want to show faith in what they've got, I get that, but unless miracles start to happen Pearce/McCollum will not get it done. You want to have goalies that show NHL promise, not guys trying to hang on in the minors.

MacDonald should've been waived and ready to start the season. Now he'll just sit, and sit and sit. And he'll still have no chance of playing in the NHL anyway once the season starts. Or they could've signed a goalie from Europe for Pete's sake, like many other teams do to strengthen their goalie situation just in case. Dallas who has two very capable guys in Bachman and Campbell behind Lehtonen signed Nihlstorp, a top SEL goalie. Boston with Thomas, Rask and Khudobin signed SEL champion Svedberg. It's like the Wings are afraid to hurt someone's feelings. I really hope the Wings try to sign Eriksson next summer to get some much needed depth in goal beyond the NHL.

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