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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
I'm sure Vancouver's defence had nothing to do with his Jennings trophy win.

It hasn't been one season: He was terrible before the 2010 Olympics and nearly cost Canada the win. Any one of our goalies could've started that tournament because of how "blah" they all were.

Paid professionals aren't always right (look at Team Canada in 2006), but let's go with what you said anywhoo:

The guy is wildly overrated by the Cancucks and their fans.

As noted below, nice cherry picking of quotes, also how did he almost cost his team a gold medal? This is one of the bigest myths in hockey. Like I said if you don't like him fine, if you don't want him fine. But more people than just Canuck fans, including paid professionals would disagree with you.

Who had a better defense, the Preds or the nucks? Who had a better team defense the preds or the nucks? Who playe a more defensive style the preds or the nucks? Yet I am sure the Nucks defense is the sole reason Lui and Cory won the Jennings...

Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Bleacher Report is not a source.

In the Vancouver Sun article you left out the next sentence.

And in the TSN article, they say Florida won't give up a Blue Chip prospect(i.e Huberdeau or Bjugstad) which makes sense, as they have Markstrom, but obviously that implies other teams are willing to give up more value...Just not Gillis' initial asking price of Gardiner/1st/Frattin/Bozak.

Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
That would make sense, but i'll tell you from experience (last season), if your coaches don't name 1 guy the #1G, both guys will be looking over thier shoulder wondering if 1 loss puts them on the bench. There NEEDS to be a clear #1 guy.
I think the Blues might disagree, everyone knew Halak was their guy, but it was a great tandem for them.

The Bruins the year before, I think most thought Rask was the guy, but Thomas came back and stole the position back.

Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
I don't think it's been discussed yet, but with the clause in the proposed CBA that would allow us to pay up to 3 mil of Luongo's salary, the NYI might be interested in him. Nabokov would make an ideal backup to Cory, although I'm not to familiar with what kind of pieces they have available.
Interesting. Not sure they would be interested, but makes one think. Personally I really hope somehow Bryz is allowed to stay in the KHL, I am really coming around to thinking Vorcek could be the perfect piece on our second line. A big good skating pass first winger...

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