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10-20-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
His decades of experience in hockey, playing, coaching and analysis. He has more experience playing and coaching hockey than any person on HFboards - and regarding hockey analysis that gives him the edge. Asking for respect doesn't imply that he's immune from criticism - it just means that you can't call him a certified moron when you're a snot-nosed HFboarder.

Come on now.
What hockey knowledge Cherry does have - and he does have plenty, is tainted by an irrational bias for a certain type of hockey and xenophobia, to such a degree he has very little credibility. He's entertaining in small doses and if anything his opinions are actually thought out in interviews like this as opposed to coaches corner where his character comes before what he is saying, but still, the game has passed him by to some degree.

There are actually some posters here, very few, actually the list Overlords gave I agree with, who I'd trust more than Cherry or others in the media.

Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Would be interesting if that's the case.
I will say this, I don't think Armstrong is a game changer but from everything I've seen so far he's really, really excited to play for his childhood team and if he stays healthy I could see him doing whatever it takes to help. Him and Prust are already BFFs too.

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