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10-20-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by airforceones25 View Post
How dense are you people?

There is a huge difference. Yes it sucked for Oiler fans about Pronger we understand. However, in the case of Pronger you were able to shop him for assets. You received Smid, Lupul and picks what amounted to Jordan Eberle.

That is a far cry from the big fat zero Anaheim received for Schultz. Sure he is free to leave as he did with the CBA loophole. Anaheim fans aren't crying foul about that. We are upset that it cost us a 2nd round pick that we will never regain. What really pisses off Anaheim fans is that Schultz essentially lied right to managements face. This is where the hate for the kid stems from Anaheim's perspective. He looks straight into GM Bob Murray's face and tells him I can't wait to play for you at seasons end. Obviously somewhere in between the young man changed his mind which is totally fine and allowed to do so. However, when Ducks brass repeatedly spoke with him he refused to acknowledge his unwillingness to sign with the team which effectively held the Ducks hostage. He could have stated i've changed my mind and I would like to sign elsewhere( Hell he could even gave a list of teams ). Instead he continually left them on the hook.

So not only are Ducks fans upset that we lost a 2nd round pick for nothing. We also had the kid lie straight to our GM's face. If he wasn't lying and simply changed his mind great. However, it was the immature process in failing to notify the team as they continually speak to you and you just go along with it with an ulterior motive. Then if that wasn't bad enough for Anaheim fans, we have to sit through a summer where we just watched the kid spurn us for nothing as he puts on some stupid "LeBron Decision" like he's better than everyone.

The kid is the ultimate ****** in Anaheim's eyes. We never have disputed his talents and we know how potentially great he is. Anaheim fans have been telling people for years only to have it fall on deaf ears. Regardless the talents the kid will always be ****** in our eyes for his pathetic shenanigans he pulled. So I reiterate to Oiler fans, Pronger and Schultz isn't even remotely close. You received assets in return. Anaheim received a giant slap in the face!

The only thing remotely close to this from an Oiler perspective would be the Riley Nash case. Drafted and refused to sign. However in the case of Nash he let the Oilers know he wouldn't sign and ultimately it allowed the Oilers to flip him for a pick. Anaheim just gets bent over plain and simple. We will never see anything in return.
He didn't ask for the big drama to surround him. He had private meetings with teams. Narrowed it down to 5 so he wouldn't waste peoples time. Then told the 4 teams he didn't choose why he didn't go there, then stated he would sign with edmonton. The media hyped it up, he didn't ask them to make a huge deal about it.

So I don't see how Anaheim got shafted more by schultz than the Oilers did with Pronger. A guy who signed long term with us pulls chute after 1 year in the deal, sending us from cup finalists down a spiralling path to the basement, not allowing us to get the value he's worth in return and you guys had to give up some extra pieces that didn't affect your roster that much at the time, yet we should have to give up pieces for a player your organization put $0 dollars into developing, and had no contract or agreement to play with Anaheim whatsoever. I would be mad at your owner for letting the situation get to this. He didn't find it weird Schultz hadn't signed after all that time in the summer. He should have dealt him right then and there when he realized he had little control of the entire situation.

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