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10-20-2012, 02:51 PM
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In a surprising move, Donald Fehr has released the 3 proposals in an open letter to the players.

The principle behind the first two is the same. The overall number that the players receive rises over the next several years. In the first proposal, the share rises from a fixed number- 1.98 B to 2.06 B over three years. After three years, that number is frozen until league wide revenues reach 4.12 B, at which point the players receive a float 50% share.

The second one is the same, with a percentage (24.7%) of HRR increase used to increase the player's share until that share reaches 50% of 4.12 B.

The third one, as already noted, is an immediate switch to 50-50 split on the condition that the owners honor all current contracts. Which is mathematically impossible (and I for one would like to hear Fehr try to justify the numbers).

Overall, it isn't hard to see why Gary Bettman rejected these proposals faster than a new meth lab pops up in Raleigh. The first two are not only reliant on the overall revenue of the League increasing, but increasing at a rate much faster than years past.

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