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10-20-2012, 02:36 PM
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Yeah left arm. Stance is good I feel, glove is high, if the dang Goalie clinic would release the video's, then I could show ya. They're slacking so maybe next time out I'll bring my GoPro.

Yeah eventually the ****** bags I just ignore when they want to shoot, or don't even put in a effort for them. Doesn't scare me to get hit in the head, the equipment covers that... I get it. It's the POINT of them doing it that pisses me off. Bad shooters think shooting high is cool. It's NOT, putting the puck inside the net IS.

While my exposed arm is bugging a bit, it's not as bad as the knee pads. The combination of the two isn't helping but I can manage. I just bought some arm pads that should help until my chesty shows. Then my new Passau knee pads should be at home today when I get off work or here on Monday.

Trying to find some open ice tonight, if not I'll be playing Monday somewhere. Tomorrow is GF day.

Arm Pads - $15 and perfect until my Passau chesty shows.

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