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10-20-2012, 03:04 PM
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I very much think that Fehr put some stinkers out there, and he knew that they wouldn't be accepted. Time was not a problem here. If it truly was, he would have came up with one good proposal, not 3 thrown together ones. I mean seriously, who goes to a meeting like that without running numbers on their proposal? Answer: No one that wants to make a deal that day.

To me, the fact that he showed up late shows that he didn't respect the meeting anyways. Any high-level professional knows that showing up late is something you don't do - ever. That was done on purpose. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he just threw some stuff out there to irritate the owners. I'm not saying Fehr couldn't have come up with something good, he just didn't. And now we are left to try and figure out what kind of gamesmanship he is playing and what his intentions are.

Maybe a push back to the NHL on the PR front, and it worked in a way. The NHL was probably already irritated at the lateness, then to have a shoddy proposal? Well, they would obviously turn it down and quickly. I think this is exactly what Fehr was looking for: "They barely read our proposal and didn't even discuss it" It would surely cast the NHL in a bit of a bad light to some.

Of course, any solid proposal would take 15 minutes to even read and look over, much less make a decision on. Otherwise, it's something they've already read before. Even a children's book takes a few minutes to read if you are truly trying to comprehend it.

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