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Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
not sure I agree with this..When teams are handing out contracts like candy its hard to blame the players.For me I am behind the players. When they were willing to start the season and play while negotiating a new deal was the kicker for me.. Owners came up with this contract 5 years ago and now its not good enough for them. hello lockout..Play hockey and work out a new deal. Where I do fault both sides is waiting till this past summer to start talks!!
Someone did a graph on the BOH forum which showed the size of the owners share descending through the term of this CBA. It is becoming geometric in its descent. It means that teams made out well immediately after the last lockout and are doing progressively worse as a group. The low end is getting worse each year. The real answer is that the ranging system (cap floor)/rev sharing is at fault along with the owners share being insufficient going forward. The gravy to raise the players from 54 to 57 wasn't really there because other costs have gone up even faster. The previous contract definitely wasn't good enough.

We got a hint this last season as owners were less likely to bump the cap on payroll. The contracted $ versus the absolute cap were dropping leaguewide. That was the storm cloud. And it mathematically it put even more of a squeeze on the middle and low end because of the way escrow operates. Teams weren't getting as much back from escrow as they anticipated. This is the real reason why owners wanted the immediate drop.

I am not pro-owner. I don't think either side is approaching the negotiations with solutions that go to core issues and in some cases both sides are going in the opposite direction. The goal of these negotiations should be to make 30 teams healthy (special exemption to Phx to get their dilemma settled, relocation or new ownership/improved situation in situ).

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