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Originally Posted by bluemandan View Post
A couple of quick thoughts on AP and everything:

I wonder how much he will enjoy being a DH in 3-5 years. Albert strikes me as a guy who enjoys putting on the leather, unlike a guy like Ortiz, who seems only to care about swinging a bat.

I think Albert just lost his chance at legendary status. Hall of Famer? You bet. Best player in Angels history possibly. Best Cardinal? Not a chance. He's the THIRD best hitter ever for the Cardinals (behind Musial and Hornsby). Baseball legend, like Ripken or Musial? Unlikely.
Here are the facts. Alberts first year as an Angel and his numbers continued to trend down. A career high in official at bats with career lows in hits, runs, hrs, walks, average and on base %. His RBIs were up a bit but he played more games than last year and has the DH to give hime more RBI opportunities. An amazing 4 other starters on the Halos had a higher batting average than career .328 hitter Albert who hit .285. His on base % was 77 points below his career average. His walks were way down. Albert turns 33 next year and father time is catching up. Will he hit in the .270s next year with less than 30 homers and under 100 rbis? Will he ever make another All Star team? Many Angel fans say the Angel's gave him respect he deserved which the Cardinals didn't. Let's see what they call it when he is out of Baseball and they are paying him $25MM-$30MM a year the last 4+ years of the contract.

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