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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
Cuban wouldn't be allowed to use AAC.... EVEN though his Mavericks are a co-tenant there, again, Houston's a non-starter unless you can convince the Wild to release the market.
The Wild do not have any claim on the Houston market - other than a 1 out of 30 vote on the BoG. The NHL owns the Houston market.

And yet another chance to ask you to back up your oft-repeated claim ...

Why would the existence of the Aeros (a tenant in the Toyota center) be somehow an insurmountable obstacle to an NHL team moving/expanding to Houston - assuming a satisfactory ownership/lease agreement were struck with Les Alexander?

And yet another chance for you to not answer the question and change the subject.

I'm getting really tempted to go back and do a mongo post of all your non-answers, changes of subject and non-sequiturs going back over dozens of threads.

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