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10-20-2012, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by RemoAZ View Post
That was my point. Any % of zero is still zero. Even if they get the 3 or 4% by holding out for the season, they aren't going to make up a whole season of salary by the end of their career. The owners on the other hand can look at it a lot farther down the road to decide whether it makes sense or not. Take the 50/50 and get back on the damn ice!
...and if you look at the whole picture, and take into account the last lost season, the money played over an entire season is greater than any money you may gain in increase % that you may gain from winning in the lock out of an entire season. What really annoys me is all the rhetoric before negotiations started, all the talk about both sides agreeing to start the season while on-going talks resume. Both sides seem to expect a lock out before the negotiations started.

SO, I guess, the owners don't want the players to play and the players don't care enough to negotiate in good faith, maybe they should disband the league and start all over... Bring back the WHL!!! yes, I'm a frustrated fan...

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