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10-20-2012, 07:43 PM
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I'm sorry but cycling is a fundamental of the game. Learn to stop it or get over it. I cycle in every single one of my games waiting for an opening, it's called good hockey.

I've been really active on uber competitive games, fighting in particular, and there is a trend in those communities I'd like to not happen here. That trend is complaining about something you can't stop, hoping to get it banned, saying it's broken. I played Street Fighter 4, and people were literally crying about Ken being broken because of his stupid flaming Shoryuken. People would flame for hours if you used it more than once a round, but the real problem was not LEARNING how to play the game correctly. If there is a tactic that can be stopped, the solution isn't to ban the tactic, it's to learn to stop it yourself. The solution in Street Fighter was to effin' BLOCK, and within a month, the move was rendered useless and laughable.

There is far too much hand holding anymore, and people ban things they can't do anything about. Anything short of a glitch that is literally unstoppable should not be banned.

And the whole gentlemanly thing is a bogus argument. It's gentlemanly to pull goalies to get a score back if a game disconnects, it's not gentlemanly to stop performing a tactic people can't stop. It literally kills the competitiveness of a game.

Here are some fun solutions to stop common tactics in NHL:

People poke check too much: pull the puck away from them, protect it with A, or deke with LB.
People do a quick short side deke goal with a high success rate: push them to the outside with your d while poke checking.
People cycling: they ALWAYS go the same way, get in their way! Block the lane. Also cycling is a good thing because it means you're preventing them from a good scoring opportunity.

Being upset about cycling I'd expect on Gamefaqs, not a hockey forum. It's a fundamental of the sport.

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