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10-20-2012, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuckles37 View Post
At first I thought it would be good to let active GMs (who'll miss the playoffs) switch teams to inactive playoff teams, but now I'm not 100% keen on the idea.

1. It's going to be a lot harder to find new people who are willing to take bottom teams than good teams.*
2. Some GMs have made a ton of trades with their team so they should have to stick with their decisions and not just get to have a new team.
3. People might fight over which playoff teams they want/some people might not be allowed to switch teams (which might anger some people and depending on their attitude they might rage quit the league).

*but then again, why should a newbie have first dibs on a very good team over someone who has been active since the start.

An obvious solution for now would be to allow any non-playoff teams to TEMPORARILY take over playoff teams, then after the playoffs we can decide if we allow permanent switches.
I think these are some valid concerns--but to some extent, they can be addressed. For one thing, we could pretty easily come up with a way to figure out who gets first choice--either based on teams that finished closer to the playoffs, or further from the playoffs (not sure which is better), or based on the other people joined the league in.

It is true that the player would be abandoning a team after they made some deals, but they would be acquiring a team that also had deals made--some good, some bad, etc. After all, the team assignments were first come, first served at the start, right? Essentially, this approach would simply extend that in to the new league).

It might actually liven up the trading market in the offseason, if we inject some new blood.

All that said, it does seem a bit odd to let players who didn't make the playoffs get in on another team--but it seems worse to let new people do so. Maybe we just need to have guest players do the games and sort if out in the offseason.

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