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10-20-2012, 09:38 PM
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Well I wasn't expecting much, and didn't get much out of it lol. I put him down, and after his feet were slipping out two seconds later he wanted to be picked up and wanted to go. I skated around the rink a couple times. ANd he didn't want to put his feet down again. Then we got off, which I didn't mind. It was my first time on ice in ten years, and my skates were killing me lol. And I couldn't believe how shaky I was, but I guess ten years is a long time to be off the ice!

Then we got popcorn and sat in the stands and he really liked that. He liked watching all the kids skating. It was probably a bit overwhelming getting in the rink and skating. I couldn't believe how busy it was, though they did have a blue line sectioned off for kids, which is nice.
Watched the zamboni, but surprisingly wasn't too excited for it.
Was good for him to sit and the stands and watch other kids skate too I think.

Overall was good experience for him, I just wish he could have tried standing a bit more his first time.

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