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10-20-2012, 11:41 PM
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AHL action: Bulldogs @ Marlies

Marlies Prospect:
Gardiner doesn't belong in the AHL, he clearly is just toying with players now. I hope he doesn't let this get to his head though and still plays solid overall.
Kadri again was buzzing all night long, got a quick assist on a garbage goal we can say as the pucks were bouncing for the Marlies tonight. He was knocked off the pack at the get go and was a bit weird at times but he settled down. I still noticed he was making some foolish moves, not as many as last year but still could drop those for the NHL. He was definitely snake bitten or he could've easily gotten 3 points or so.
Colborne started of good and has gotten better in puck protecting and movement, he was instrumental in getting our fourth goal I believe as he was screening the bulldogs goalie for Gardiner's slapper. However as the game progressed he really disappeared and wasn't much of force or anything.
Carter Ashton on the other hand started off very slow but started to buzz towards the end of the night. This kid clearly has the body and defensive game to be in the NHL, and was making good plays along the boards, problem is his offense still isn't coming out. I expect much more from as I know he is capable of it.
Greg Mckegg was good from to time for the leafs, he got a quick goal for us but afterwards wasn't that noticeable to me atleast. He was playing okay defensively but nothing that stood out to me. He needs to correct his skating still IMO as it sort of seemed off, we know he has the skills to be a top 9 player but he needs to clear out his defense and skating more to truly be a force.
Jesse Blacker is being used by Dallas Eakins a lot more this year and seems to rely on him quite a bit, which is good as Jesse is using this well. Problem is this game he didn't seem that engaged offensively as he was last night, defensively he was good though. I am assuming as the season progresses so will his offense.
Korbian Holzer continued his way to be that silent solid player for us. Nothing fancy nothing stupid, just simple defense.
Leo Komarov was beastly, was a major pain in the thorn for the opponent and was wrecking people with hits. One of it was questionable for sure and I am not sure if that would fly in the NHL. He is slowly starting to show more skill as he gets comfortable with our team.
Kenny Ryan for a guy who was in the ECHL last year and was suppose to be back there again due to the major depth of our team, struck back with two goals tonight. Totalling 4 goals in two games, he didn't get much play time but he is making the most of it. Got into a fight and made some hits but as the game went on he was quiet again. was an assist away from a Gordie Howe Hattrick.
Last but not least Jussi Rynnas, he was a solid for us but not exactly a huge force or anything. He was quiet and not really tested by the bulldogs as the marlies had a good game going on tonight and a lot of lucky bounces, however he did come up big for us when the bulldogs had has hemmed in the d-zone. He also came up big for us in the PK and that's what counts and that's what we expect from him. Many thought his spot would be taken after Owuya showing such promise but it seems like he still has fight in him yet.

Bulldogs Prospect:
The 23 year old goalie Mayer who was an absolute beast last night that shocked us all, was pretty bad today. After 3 goals he was pulled and showed his former self like last year.
Delmas his replacement on the other was beastly. He had made some tremendous saves, two consecutively after he was called in. Robbing momentum from the marlies and giving the bulldogs some.
Tinordi definitely slowed down after a very good night last night However he definitely seemed to have picked up his play as the game progressed. I sometimes forget this guy is an rookie in the pro-league. The habs sure have a good prospect in their hands. With more seasoning he will be a force and a solid guy to have in the back.
Nathan Beaulieu shows that he can be that 4th forward whenever and wherever. Problem is he still must realize when and where to do it. It's great he loves to join the rush and aid the offense but he has to be cautious and not forget he is a defensemen. With time hopefully he will change this and use his body more effectively as well.
Louis Leblanc wasn't that great to me, he was buzzing at times but nothing too substantial however he was injured from a play and didn't return for the rest of the game afterwards from a scrum.
Brendan Gallaghar IMO was the best forward, he was buzzing non stop and making a lot of chances, if anything he has impressed me more than the first rounder leblanc in the forward department.
Michael Bournival wasn't too bad tonight, he wasnt exactly making things happen on the ice but i didn't notice him for any bad plays. The bulldogs in general was getting pretty much hemmed in their defensive zone.
Geoffrion seems to show an extra gear tonight was making things on the ice and was impressive to me, hopefully he can bring out the skill he possess, might be a great pick up for the habs if he continues with this game.

That's all I got so far. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to watch tomorrows game against the Grand Rapid Griffins and give you guys more.

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