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Originally Posted by Holy Mackinaw View Post
Been away from this gong show for a few months because, well, it was getting redundant, but Shannon's words perked my ears up a bit the other day. A few random thoughts:

1) Anyone who thinks Canada won the gold medal in spite of Luongo is nuts. End of story. The way Marty played, one could argue if it wasn't for Lu, we easily could have been beaten by Slovakia. Not saying Luongo didn't win the medal for Canada, but he was not even close to being a liability. That's just ridiculous. Luongo stared down Miller, perhaps the best goalie on the planet at that time, in a gold medal game in his own city with pressure none of us can begin to imagine, and did not blink. It's about time people gave the guy props instead of saying "yeah, but...."

2) JVR, like Gardiner, is not going anywhere. Not until Burke sees what he has there. He isn't going in a trade for Luongo before ever playing a game in Toronto.

3) John Shannon has been to a few rodeos, and he isn't a guy with a history of just making stuff up. I think there is something here. That said, I don't think it is as etched in stone as he hints, and I still think Florida is going to be around at the end. As for Gillis saying "Not true" to the Toronto rumours, um, what else is he supposed to say? "Damn, you got me!"?????

4) As most non-Canuck fans have said for months, Gillis is in dreamland if he thinks he is getting anything close to what he wanted at the draft (according to reports back then, anyway). But a smart GM would do the same thing - start high, then lower your demands if no one bites. That could very well be what is happening right now.

5) I think Gillis may already have a tentative deal in place, whether it is Toronto or someone else, and is just waiting on the new CBA to cross T's and dot I's. The CBA is obviously going to change any return the Canucks get, or what salary they may or may not have to take back.

6) This is really the first time I have heard Bozak in rumours, so again, I think there might be something there. Shannon is really putting himself out there being so sure about his "sources" and he is risking having to wipe a lot of egg off his face. Not sure why he would put himself out there if he didn't have a legitimate source, especially during the dog days of the lockout. So just for ***** and giggles, I am going to post my prediction: Luongo, and no one else, for Bozak, a 2nd and perhaps a dump (depending on CBA) such as Connolly. If this deal is "centered" around Bozak, conventional wisdom says he is about as good as a return as Burke is giving up. Just my two cents....
Agree with everything but 6. I can't for the life of me see Gillis trading Luongo for a soon-to-be UFA 3rd line center. I think if Bozak is involved in the trade he'll just be the roster player thrown into a futures deal.

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