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Originally Posted by gstommylee View Post
Sorry forgot about Ottawa. But i would rather see NHL wait than to give Ontario another team.

I know Seattle still has a ways to go before we see the arena built. Given we at at least a year away just on environmental review along and i hope Hansen finds a team in the meantime. What i truly hoping that we have the team secured just as the city gave its approval on the transaction document (2nd vote).

It probably be another year after that to see sonics 2.0 but at least a team would be secured to where we'll see shove meet ground.

I can't assume that there will be a current team available for sale/relocation by the time shovel meets ground.
The NHL could probably charge more for the 2 new teams in Can and simply relocate a team to Seattle . There's a number of struggling teams and while i'm no fan of a city losing there franchise i do believe it would make more sense to relocate a team than watch it continually struggle to atract fans .

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