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10-21-2012, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
We were a botched snap away from missing the playoffs there. If Hamilton had won tonight, I honestly don't think we'd have gotten in. Still nothing guaranteed, but we'd need to go 0-2 and Hamilton or Winnipeg would need to go 2-0. The Blue Bombers still having an outside chance at the playoffs heading into week 17 is unbelievable.

Calgary has to be the biggest fraud in the CFL though. That's three games they've won now because the other team blew a last second field goal attempt. 10-6 could be 7-9 very easily. If BC doesn't win the Grey Cup there needs to be an investigation. I see one contender in this league, a couple pretenders, and several patsies. Strange season.
Like I said earlier Calgary did everything possible to lose that game. Not only do they allow a long Hamilton drive near the end to possibly tie the game, but after the two point convert fails they then gift Hamilton with the weakest defended shortkick I've ever seen. Lets picture this situation. In the ice and snow Hamilton has to kick the ball 10yds to standing Stampeders(pun intended) and somehow recover the ball before a single Calgary players moves one yard to block them out from the ball. All the receiving team in that situation needs to do is control the area. Calgary failed this even before the kick by failing to notice Hamilton converging on one side and Congi telegraphing exactly where its going. Strangely Calgary has 4 players in the spot, the spot everybody knows the kick is going to, and manage to get outnumbered and muscled off the ball.
If I saw a highschool team execute this so poorly I'd boo. Abject incompetence. Possibly the single worst play in the CFL this year and theres been a lot.

But Calgary, despite all incompetence manages to still win the game with a hand from the weather conditions and the horseshoe shoved up their ass.

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