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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
If Calgary hadn't traded picks w/ Buffalo and Buffalo had been the team to draft him at 21 I don't think we'd have the jokes either...(and I admit that i'm one of those making the jokes )

I think it started b/c of the sense that there were a number of players available at 14 who could have helped Calgary a lot...and the Flames are a team that could use some help right now. Instead, they traded the pick...also, I think there was a perception that when Calgary did pick at 21 there were players available who ought to have been preferred over Jankowski.

All of this was compounded by Feaster's praise of Jankowski's potential immediately after he was picked - which seemed a little "over the top" given Jankowski's history/level of experience.

In any event - as I noted above - had Buffalo picked J @ 21 I'm not sure the criticism would have been as great.

Also - don't underestimate the appetite of Canadians to make fun of each other's teams. Had this involved, say, the Carolina Hurricanes rather than the Calgary Flames, I think the "joke" (if there was one at all) would have long exhausted itself a long time ago.
True, I was very mad when Feaster traded down when there was still very good players on the board, espically defensemen. ( We lack D prospects outside of Brodie/Sieloff). But now I'm more comfortable because Jankowski could either one day fill the #1C position in the future, or.... he could not. However the potential is there, something no other player left on the board had. He's a big risk, but there's also potentially big reward. And I understand the jokes, however it's spreading like wildfire, something I didn't anticipate.

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