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10-21-2012, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by madhi19 View Post
The Islander are not going anywhere outside of the New York area for three reason.
1)The NHL won't let them for ego reason since their headquarters is in New York. Also if Wang can get his house in order the Islander could go from a money losing situation to revenue sharing generator in just a few years. And if he can't the NHL will find somebody else who will!
2)Wang would be a fool to lose that huge cable deal. To put it simply if he sell inside NY it worth more than sell for relocation outside.
*3)Wang will kick, scream and moan a for while more but ultimately I believe he will build his own arena. If he can get a city dumb enough to pick up that tab in the New York area so much the better but if he can't that not the end of the world.

*By the way that point also apply to Katz in Edmonton.
Yea i can understand that they would rather stay in that region. With phx possibly staying and islanders staying, that leaves a huge ??? on who via relocation ends up coming to Seattle.

Of course the oilers aren't going anywhere and i'm actually against such an idea of the oilers leaving Edmonton.

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