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10-21-2012, 02:48 AM
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Spec Ops: The Line - 8.5/10

Long story short, can't remember the last time that a game's plot made me think more than this one. I thought nothing of shock value moments in other games, notably the airport scene in Modern Warfare 2 which didn't strike a single nerve with me and mostly just left me bored and wishing I didn't have to stroll and waste time gunning down innocents. Multiple scenes in Spec Ops, though, left me really thinking after the fact. Even made me wonder how I would've reacted in similar circumstances, especially when....
Spoil: find your teammate getting lynched by an angry mob and you have the choice to either let his murderers get away or to gun them down as well as a bunch of innocents in the process.
Very powerful stuff. Plus, gorgeous looking game and a great soundtrack to boot.

Gameplay, on the other hand, is hit or miss. While very visceral throughout, it's also a bit sluggish and you'll find yourself dying more than a few times entirely because your character's slow to react to what you're doing.

Definitely would give it a strong recommendation, though. Bought it for $40 and thought it was well worth it, even with it being fairly short and likely not much replay value beyond wanting to go back and redo a few decisions and see the four endings.

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