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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
You can be a moron and still have tons of experience in something. What accolades does he even have in the hockey community? He's more well known for his retarded suit jackets than for ever displaying some sort of acute hockey knowledge. I'm not even going into the over-the-top nationalism and xenophobia he displays. Just covering the area of hockey, he's never done or said anything that would necessarily garner my respect. Perhaps he doesn't deserve over the top disrespect. To be honest, I feel he's better off ignored.

As for posters on HF, it's not like there's some majority of hockey savants here, and no one is claiming otherwise, but I'll take opinions on players from posters such as Whitesnake, Habsprospects, Grant Mccagg, Habsfan18, Crimson Skorpion, Hototogisu, Buddahsmoka, Andy, WeThreeKings, That, BoucherScouting, or TalksWithGoalposts over those of Don Cherry any day of the week. And there are a few in there I disagree with on many points, but their checklist for what makes a good player goes beyond:

1) keeps head up
2) goes into corners
3) southern ontario

edit: and I probably forgot a few great posters. I'm still hopped up on sleeping pills.
By this guys logic I would have been wrong to crtiticize Mike Milbury as a GM because he has played, coached and GM'd in the NHL. I know for a fact that myself and many others on these boards are far more knowledgeable than either one of these clowns. Hockey has been a closed fraternity for a long time where members of the old boys club advance due to connections and not on merit. Cherry and Milbury simply aren't intelligent people and don't have the capacity to understand the game from a cause and effect perspective.

Cherry may have interesting stories and experiences but he doesn't have a clue about the way that the game is played today. There is a reason he has never been seriously considered for an NHL coaching job after exposing his idiocy in Colorado. A monkey could have coached those Bruin teams and came away with similar results.

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