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Originally Posted by Revo View Post
I do believe they will pick things up at least to some extent... but I also feel there's too much emphasis put on the «building chemistry» argument. A talented and mature team can't have «chemistry» as the most prominent excuse for playing a point over 0.400, in my opinion it is way too heavy of an underachievement to be put on that account 2 months after the camps started. If the chemistry isn't at least decent by now (and if it is the cause of the slow start), lack of time may not be the problem, and more time may not be the solution.

@HalifaxDucks: You don't have to tell me the differences, I know them, my point merely was that it is incorrect to say other teams have 3 to 6 newcomers. I'm sure I could have found other teams with more new faces that have important roles, it was just easier to talk of what I'm closer of.
i got a chance to speak with a wildcats player today, according to him and he wears a letter on his jersey, its not going well in the room either. by his estimation, about 10-12 players can't stand to play for Flynn.
when you dont have a very talented team, you can ask/demand defensive play 100% of the time. When you ask skilled players - saulnier's, barbashev, jaskin, veilleux, etc..etc to play defensive hockey 100% of the time, your going to have very unhappy players. That was the players summary of the situation.

my guess at this point.....flynn won't change.. coaches dont change, midseason, because if you do, you lose even more credibility. Irving will have to decide between the roster he has paid dearly for, or his good friend Flynn. One of them won't make it the whole year unless there is a tremendous change of hearts by the players all of a sudden.

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