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Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
The Islanders die-hards sound just like Fehr... always glossing over the difference between gross revenue and net revenue. The Islanders are losing money, overall. Yeah, Wang gets a honking big cable deal, but gets hammered by low gate. Islanders are 2nd-last in NHL attendance, in an ancient facility.

He already tried, with his "Lighthouse Project", but was stopped by Town of Hempstead.

The only arena in site is Barclay's. To be viable the Islanders would have to...
  • be sold to the owner of Barclay's
  • charge Winnipeg-Jets-like ticket prices for the 2nd-fiddle NHL franchise in the area
Gotta love how opposing teams fans, gloss over the 2009 sub-lease changes. Wang's losses are down to $4m-$8m per season, in the last 3 seasons.

1.The owners cba proposal, has the isles qualifying for revenue sharing for the first time. An additional $10m-$15m per season would see Wang finally record a profit.

2.The isles attendance would improve with a competitive on ice product.

3.The isles revenue would increase with playoff appearances.

Peltz tried buying the NYI about 18-24 months ago, when Barclay's execs were saying, they would not have an nhl team in their arena. Peltz was not looking at the situation as Barclay's or nothing.

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