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10-21-2012, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The NHLPA has proposed how much money being saved by the NHL with PA givebacks using conservative growth estimates. That's after the NHL has recorded how many years of record growth. Bettman has developed a culture where the players don't like or trust him. Craig Custance wrote about it on Friday. The never ending vicious cycle of labor turmoil. Somwhow that's the PA's fault. Another lockout will happen whenever this coming CBA expires. The PA is being asked for giveback after giveback. Are they getting anything in return? If Bettman made a bad deal and gave up too much last time and now he wants to recouped those items plus keep what he got in return for the PA gains,that's not the PAs fault.
According to Gary, he hasn't negotiated a good CBA yet. The players always get too much.

One line of thought is it's the players' fault the got the cap and 24% rollback... weak union and in fighting. But it's also their fault they have too much now. It's amazing the perception created about the players.

Gary escapes blame for over expansion, establishing weak markets in the south, weak TV deals and these "bad" CBAs. But he gets credit for the winter classic, an Edmonton idea. Its a backwards league.

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