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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
That's the first time I've ever heard anyone question any of those players skating ability. None of those players you mentioned are poor skaters, or even medicore skaters. They're all at the very least good skaters (Not being elite does not equal being medicore or poor), and the only one up that definitely won't make the team is Heatley, and his skating isn't the reason he's not going to make the team.

By you're considerations, Morrow - Getzlaf - Perry would be a horrible skating line yet they were arguably Canada's most effective line last olympics (Even if they weren't the most productive).
Agreed that Getzlaf-Morrow-Perry was a very effective line for us in 2010, but keep in mind that that tournament was played on the NHL-sized ice surface. That line was dominant on the forecheck and working the cycle down low in the offensive zone, but that strategy becomes way less effective on the international ice surface when speed and creativity become more important. Essentially, we'll need to move away from a dump-and-chase style that worked for the Getzlaf and Thornton lines in 2010.

If you look back to 2002, on the international ice surface, great skaters like Gagne, (young) Iginla, Fleury, Sakic, and Kariya were amongst our best players, while bigger/slower players like Shanahan, Nolan, and Lindros weren't as productive and never seemed to find their game on the larger ice surface.

In any event, speed, or lack thereof, won't keep Giroux or Eberle off the team. They don't possess elite speed, but they're good enough. Perry either, assuming he gets back to 40-goal form. Its important that we bring along faster wingers like Hall and Seguin to balance out the lines, though. Speed may become a factor for Getzlaf unless he reverts back to his 80-90 point form from a few years back, in which case it will be hard to leave him off. However, at this point I've got to think that Hockey Canada is planning on moving in a different direction with respect to Getzlaf; 9 goals from a scoring line center isn't going to cut it. Benn is a longshot regardless of his skating ability. Agreed on Heatley, he's not making the team either way, but I'm sticking by my position that the guy is simply a terrible skater at this point in his career.

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