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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
I think Morrow replaced by Stamkos
I think Marlaeu replaced by Giroux
I think Thornton replaced by Benn
I think Iginla replaced by Seguin

Crosby- Stamkos- Giroux
Bergeron-Seguin-E. Staal

I really have no idea if I want Benn or Staal. Jordan. Im sure most of u will want Jordan, i really dont know. I think it will be down to these two... Size for a big reason. After them Canada will prob be looking at Skinner or Eberle.

It will come down for the next few years, lets see who grows.

Defense... idk i really think it will be down to keith or Phanuef and one way or another hes on his way to wearing the maple leaf. He might go to Russia as a 6 def. I dont see Marc Staal getting yet
Again, size matters a lot less on the international ice surface. You should be looking more at guys like Tavares (seriously - he's a lock for a scoring line role at this point), and Hall to add some speed to that lineup.

Keith vs. Phaneuf...hmmmmm....

I simply don't get your fascination with Phaneuf. Good NHLer, progressed quite a bit from his rookie year actually, but still isn't Olympic quality. He gives us nothing that Weber doesn't (which Weber does at a much higher level). Keith, Doughty, and Pietrangelo are better all-around defencemen - you have to admit that. Letang is our offensive guy, our PP QB, much like Boyle was in 2010. In Seabrook and Staal, you have excellent defensive defencemen that you can ask to PK, and play a regular shift on ES. Seabrook has chemistry with Keith, which helps, and loads of playoff experience with the Hawks. Staal is carving out a reputation as an elite shut-down defender, which we'll certainly need. Staal is a LHer too, which we're short of at the Olympic-caliber level. Neither guy has a history of poor decision-making like Phaneuf - they're safe, solid defencemen, the kind of guys you need to win a 7-game Olympic tournament. Phaneuf hasn't played a playoff game in years, and didn't excel at the WHCs this past spring, so he's not exactly building a strong case for himself.

By the way, I really don't think Phaneuf was seriously considered for 2010 either, with the insiders like MacKenzie talking about the last few spots at defense coming down to Doughty, Bouwmeester, and Robidas.

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