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Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
If Elliott is getting half the PP time, who is getting those minutes at the point?
In one of the PP's last night, Barrie seemed to play the entire 2 min. while Elliott was swapped out with Pock and Stollery (who scored on the PP as well last night).

So the end of the ice I sat on ended up being OKC attacks twice, so I only got to see the 1st OKC goal tonight. And it was as I described earlier, it seemed that Sullivan (# 37) was chasing the puck carrier, and left his side of the ice/his man who settled down next to the goal. An easy cross-ice pass and it resulted in a quick goal. Aitto made a good effort, but the moment that pass was going to be made, I knew it was going to result in a goal.

I didn't have a good angle on the LE Goal in the 1st period, it was on the other end and there were obnoxious fans in my way.

Now, in the 2nd period, the goal by Agozzino was a nice beaut, with a nice pass by Paul Carey and it was a nice little backhand over the shoulder of the Barons goaltender.

The goals by OKC in the 2nd were like the LE goals in the 1st for me, I didn't have a good angle on them. It looked like the first LE goal in the 2nd period was a little like the Agozzino goal for LE, in that a player got in a little tight on Aitto and then flipped it up over his shoulder, but I couldn't see very well, and the screen for the replay at the Cox Convention Center leaves a bit to be desired.

The goal by the Barons that made it 3-2 for them certainly LOOKED like it was tipped when looking at the replays, but again, I couldn't see very well. But it just looked after it went in that Aitto was really wishing he had another crack at that one.

I thought that Barrie was simply amazing. He has very nice and smooth hands with the puck, and at times tonight that I could see him, he looked hard to knock off the puck.

Elliott has the talent, I could definitely see that, but he didn't do anything that really stood out to me. He did not get that much time on the PP it seemed, whereas it seemed that Barrie was on the ice for almost all of the PP time (even though I know he wasn't)

Brad Malone was a beast on Faceoffs, plain and simple, and he's wearing an "A". On that subject, I don't recall seeing anyone wear a "C" last night, I saw Pock, Malone and one other player (I want to say Sullivan) wearing the "A" last night.

Sgarbossa has some nice moves, he nearly had a nice mini-break last night for a good shot, but the OKC player broke it up.

Heard was mainly playing a Defensive role, and could have been on the 3rd line, because was playing with Bordeleau and I think Carey for most of the game...because those players all had the # 8 somewhere in their number, I started referring to that line as the "Crazy 8's" line. It is definitely apparent that Heard is a rookie in the AHL, and I'm not saying that in a bad way, but you can see at times that he's learning. He did have a moment in the 3rd where I thought he was going to fight the OKC player Kristian Pelss who was called for Checking to the Head where it was VERY apparent that he was headhunting Luke Walker. It was quickly broken up, but Heard got in his face and was ready to pounce.

Olver was Olver...he was what we've seen before, he was fiesty, he was trolling, it was glorious! He had the breakaway for LE that was broken up at the end, and he was not happy about it afterwards, but it's all good, he got the empty-netter in the end.

What I DID notice by sitting so close to the LE bench, was the coaching staff being very supportive of the players on the ice when they came off and their last shift didn't go the way they wanted it to go. Not so much Chynoweth, because he was concerned w/ coaching the overall game, but the Assistant Coaches were very quick to offer some praise or a "It's okay, let's get it next time!" while encouraging the players. And it wasn't just the rookies, it was everyone. With these young players that can help go a long way towards keeping their spirits up.

Other than that, I don't have much else to report, other than that Pickard has some slick flow! I know on this boards here we sort of referred to Darcy Tucker as "Hair Flow", but if Pickard plays w/ the Avs and doesn't change his hairstyle, we'll have a new "Hair Flow".

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