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10-21-2012, 09:58 AM
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I will say this about this years Sting team: at least the games are entertaining. I don't think I've left the RBC once this year thinking I could have spent my entertainment dollar better elsewhere. Yet again another good crowd. Is Sarnia flooded with freebies??
Hottot -I've been a fan of Hottot and his heart and soul leadership role in the past but this year I am really seeing an attitude of arrogance. How he got away with his head hunting in the preseason vs the spits I don't know, but he won't be so lucky this time against guelph. That was an absurdly stupid and selfish penalty on top of the fact it was predatory. I said 5 games at the time but since I'm usually only 1/2 of what the ohl delivers I'd guess its going to be around 10. I'm of the believe that Dundas is already on the road to replace #16 role on this team
Goldobin -I like his play much better with Galy but even without him you can witness the skill set. Plus he hasn't even played a dozen games. I'm rather hopeful that by the time the near year rolls around he will more defensively reliable and still provide the consistent offensive punch that is undoubtedly in his game
Chapman - already half way to the 10 fight maximum before suspension but he is quickly becoming a d'man the team relies on more and more in many situations
Powerplay - I have always hated the sting pp with one man pointing it or putting a forward back there. Then I go check the ohl site and see that they are always one of the league leaders so I just have to accept it. I don't mind their set up when Murphy or DeAngelo is the point man since they have the skill set to run that sort of scheme but sometimes I feel a more traditional set would be called for. Once again, presently 3rd overall on pp so I can't argue with success

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